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at lackland air force - base, near san antonio texas. its the ttaining center for airmen --- male áandá ffmale. the pentagon says at least 31 trainees aae accusing their instructors of improper sexual contact...assault... evee rape.casey tegall reveals how long this abuse has apparently been going on... ...and the action congress mayy. take. stegall says: " now reaction from washington is coming in on this.caaifornia congresswommnnjackie speier is calliig for a special hearing on capitol hill."she has already sent a letter to thee house armed services committee and has said the military is... and i'm quoting here... unable to police itself on matters oo rape and sxual assault. texas senator kay bailey utchison says she supports the idea of a hearing -- buttissnot "calling" for one..she told fox news channel she wants to wait and see how the air force's top brass handlessthe matter.(take sot) hutchison says: "i do believe gen. ricc is onntop of it and he takes it very seriously as he should. i think we need to let him ave a chance to get a full report to find out the dept
at a major league baseball game in texas said it came out of nowhere... nowhere..."loud thunddr sound" sound"that's lighting hitting near the stadium during a texas rangers and minnesota twins game.overron first base, the thunder clap sent twins plaaer josh willingham to his hands ann can see the catcher was the first to make a bee-line or the dugout. the game was delayee 46- minutts... and play resumed with sevvral plaaers having a 3 3 no lightning nd thunder storms forrus right now but plentt of heat and after a week of sweltering temperatures... we deserve this cool down. earrier we told you about the plea deals for the four defendants accused in the st. patrick's beattng in downtown our question of day we are asking if you think the punishment for those defendants is fair? fair?bruce writes on facebook..."nope, they should not have received any time susp. writes...."that much time for one punch is ridiculous. ridiculous.a lot of stong feelings on this quuetion. go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you think.. facebook. send us a tweet.. g at foxbaltimore
310, was over texas, whee an elderly passenger in his 80s bbcaae disruptive... touching other passengers and kicking theeplane to houston. but airport... so it took hoorssto remminder of the flight.y the "it was terrible. it was unreal. t was painful. 19 hhurs. 19 hours we were in this mess." thee lderly man was uestioned aad released without charges. he told authooities that e earliir we told you about he organizers oo the baltimore to lose monee this year.and we are asking in oor question oo the you think the city ity shold go head with the race? race?mary writes on facebook.."i think they shold cancel it." it."and gail writes...""hey &pshould have stopped it last y" year." there is some support for the race on our facebook page but many people seem to think itss no longer with it. go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you think. you can also sound oof through facebook. send us a tweet.. at foxbaltimore. and you can text your answerrto 45503. enter fox45a for yys.. or 3 tax-free online shopping may soon be a thing of the past. what new legislation i
including... pennsylvania,, florida, massachusetts, texas, michigan, new york, miisissippi... and even quebec, if you sse them - you may want to ave and say thanks.even with all the extra hands on deck... patience.they wannaaknow why they're still in the dark - and in the heat. < "even though it was big power ouuage, they havv many workers to do there job, and we shhuldn't have even had to wait ttat long forrour lights to come back on." "it's just bad. bg&e is not trying to come out and help urn lights on or anything."> ab liblive in north baltimore... melinda roeder... fox 45 news at 5. 3 and herees a look at where things our last check.... there are still more than 61- thousand customers in more than 69- thousann in er. baltimore county... and more than 39- thousand in anne arundel county.b-g-e has resttred ower to morr than 455--thousand of its customers since friday ight. governor martin o'maally says he's pushing utilities to do a better jjo at geetinn the power back on. on.the governor says a lot of progrees has been made since the storm first hit on fri
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4